Review for The Tooth That’s On The Loose!

Review for The Tooth That’s On The Loose!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Haha, I am definitely happy I clicked on request when I spotted this book over on Netgalley. This was such a fun read, and I have to give bonus points for making something that happens to all of us, namely having a loose tooth, into a cowboy/western story that is sure to delight kids all over the world.

The story is about a wild tooth known as T.B. Wiggly! Yep, the dangerous villain who will be leaving a hole in your mouth! Oh noes! You can find him at any place in your mouth. He might be a tooth in the back or in the front, or just somewhere in between. We see several scenes taking place in the Wild West, from the evil tooth galloping off in the sunset, to him in jail (where he belongs!).

I loved the expressions on the faces of the kids. They just fitted so well with the story. 😛

The ending was really fun, bringing in the Tooth Fairy and talking about rewards. I did think it was funny that the kid woke up in full clothes instead of his pyjamas, I guess he was so excited he transformed into his Wild West clothes.

That last page was brilliant. Ah yes, tell kids in a subtle way that they may see T.B. Wiggly again. Many times actually, but shhh. 😛

Only one little thing, there are some difficult words used. I highly doubt that a kid at that age (when one starts losing their teeth) would know what the word means, let alone be able to pronounce it. Even I had to look up words (since I had no clue what bicuspid or epiglottis were), but then again, that is because English isn’t my first language. 🙂

The art is also pretty great. I do love the style + it was great that most pages also had backgrounds. Yes, this sounds like a weird thing to be happy about, but I have read many picture books were the illustrator/author didn’t care to add backgrounds.
One thing that I didn’t entirely like was the circle of colour that was found over many pictures. It just seemed a bit silly (and lazy).

But all in all, I did quite enjoy this one, and I would recommend it to everyone.

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