Review for Under-The-Bed Fred

Review for Under-The-Bed Fred

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I hadn’t entirely expected this book to be the format it is in. It is still good, but I had expected a picture book, and not a short chapter book. Oh well, more to read then, which I didn’t mind at all.

Each chapter is about something different, from the first chapter when we meet our monster to the last chapter when the monster goes to school with Leo. I quite liked that each chapter had its own story, yet also was connected to previous events in other chapters (well OK, with the exception of the first chapter, that only had its own story, but duh).

There was just one thing I didn’t quite like at times. And that was the monster, Fred. I found him annoying plus I didn’t find it that funny how he acted all tough and scary, but in the mean time was just bored out of his mind or was afraid of x and y.

Leo however was a pretty great character, and I love how brave he was. How he stood up against the monster, how he brought him to school (how often I have read stories in which characters decide that this is a bad plan, but Leo just does it).

The book is filled with fun illustrations, they were quite cute, and I love the colours used. While there was a lack of backgrounds (or just a basic background) I didn’t mind it that much. If anything this works best.

All in all, a fun book about monsters under the bed, perfect for little kids, and maybe some nostalgia for adults (since I am sure a lot of adults had, or thought they had, a monster under their bed).

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