Review for Violet and the Mummy Mystery

Review for Violet and the Mummy Mystery

Violet is back in her fourth book! This time featuring a topic that is really dear to me, Egypt!

I am a bit sad about the format of the book, I have the other books in hardcover, but it seems that this one only came out in paperback. 🙁 Eh, at least it isn’t as bad as a cover switch.

The book starts off at Violet’s place, but of course there is never a time to rest for Violet and her friends, the next case is already peeking around the corner. But first there is a surprise visit from Violet’s aunt + her niece (Agnes). But as soon as things start to move along a mummy is stolen and, duh, Violet can’t just leave it alone. She has to find out what happened, if not for her aunt, if just to solve the mystery.

I have to say I was first a bit worried this book would just take place in England. While I do love the visits to the museum, and the mystery was a delight, I still was hoping we would visit Egypt. Thankfully, that is what happens around midway in the story. Egypt! My favourite country! It was great fun to see it through Violet’s eyes, hear about famous sights, see her (and her grandma and niece) go visit them. Of course, the mystery is there as well! What a delight!

I didn’t quite like Agnes at first. She was highly annoying, thought she could just anything and get away with it (bleh), but later on I started liking her more and more. She was really brave, plus she is quite a deadly weapon. 😛 And I just can’t resist a kick-ass girl!

I liked the fact that the story split up when they reached Egypt. You have Violet’s POV from Egypt and what happens there, and then you have PC Green (our kind, but giant idiot) and Violet’s friends in England who are also trying to figure out things from there. It was fun to read it from two POV (and exciting).

Who the thieves were? And how everything was connected? Just like our gang, I had my suspects. And as the story progressed I could connect things even better. Though I have to say I didn’t see that one twist coming. 😛 I always love it when authors write their mysteries well and make sure it isn’t easily guessable (plus add some nice twists).

And just like all the other Violet books, this one is filled to the brim with fun illustrations by Becka Moor. <3

Mm, what more, I think I have mentioned all I wanted to mention. I just want to say that I hope that Violet will have many more mysteries, as I don’t want this series to end just yet. I can’t wait to see what the next mystery will be about.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Mummies, mystery, Egypt, oh my!

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