Review for Yume Tsukai Vol.1 + Vol.2

Review for Yume Tsukai Vol.1 + Vol.2

This is a combined review of Volume 1 and Volume 2.

I watched this series as an anime many years ago, from what I remember it was weird, the art wasn’t too good, but it was quite fun to watch. So when I spotted the manga I just wanted to check it out. The first volume was weird, there were sex scenes that were really uncomfortable, and I just felt disgusted at that guy’s paedophilia (I am not sure how it was in the anime, but I can’t remember it being this urghghhghghgh). But I wanted to know what happened with Youko, that world, and all the other things. So I continued reading, but then I found out that volume 2…. doesn’t end the arc. So I guess I will never know what happens, as I am not going to read on. I just feel terrible and disgusted reading this.

There are good parts, the battle, how the dream users work and how their magic is done, the mystery of Youko is an interesting one (though disturbing), the characters are interesting (well the dream users and Kei), there is some humour between the dream users and family.

But sadly the sex scenes between minors is something I am noping the hell away from. From blowjobs to sex anything is done. And that is just a big OHHHHH FUCK NO from me. There is incest (hints to it (like the old dude and his obsession with Youko) and with one we see the intention + nakedness of one of Kei’s classmates) which is a bit NOPE. Then as I said we have one of the dream users (a guy who is very weird) openly loving little girls, stating many times that he doesn’t want anyone over 12 years old. He is even trying to lure them in, giving them presents.

This manga is nothing like the anime. Again, it has been many years, but I don’t remember the anime ever being like this. I feel like I should take a shower and scrub until I get the icky feeling out of my body.

I wouldn’t recommend this one at all. If anything, stay away from this one.

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