Review for Zoe and Chloe on the Prowl

Review for Zoe and Chloe on the Prowl

Zoe and Chloe are on the prowl for a date to a ball, and not only that, there is also unrequited love, a troubled sister, and a Beast(ly) boyfriend. 😛

I spotted this book on Saturday, and just had to have it. Especially when I found out this is the same author as Girl, 16 Pants on Fire, which I adored. And then I started reading it and discovered to my delight, that this book takes place in the same world, and even in the same school. The girls even know Jess and Flora!!!

I liked Zoe instantly. She was just oh so fun, and I loved what she tried to do to get Oliver’s attention, even if that meant lying about that farm. I was really looking forward to seeing how that would end, as she would have to tell him one day. The way Oliver found out was a bit anti-climax but I still found it funny.
I loved how much she cared about Chloe. But I was definitely even happier that she wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion on things. How she set her own borders and didn’t step over them.
And she was quite responsible (though maybe she should just have told her parents that she was going to her sister). I loved how she lectured her older sister, and tried to help her out even though Zoe is much younger. Even later with the money, she didn’t just go to her friends to beg, instead she brought up the topic and asked if they could help.

Chloe was a pretty fun girl, though at times I wished she would be a bit kinder towards her best friend. Zoe does a lot for Chloe, but it seems that Chloe just doesn’t see that. But at least they were able to talk about it, and I did like their friendship. I think these two will be friends for a very long time.

I had a laugh at what they did to find a guy to go to the Earthquake Ball. Putting up an advert, and then all the chaos that followed. Poor girls, they should have specified a bit more. But it did bring a ton of hilarity as the girls set up interviews, and then the whole Life Coach business. I was just rolling around laughing at the silliness. It amazes me that one guy came back, even though the girls had a big case of farts gone wild (yes, farts, as that is what happens when one eats beans on toast before an interview). It was so fun to see how Zoe really got into the Life Coach stuff, while Chloe stayed for away from it.

Donut was just a gross guy. I was disgusted at how he acted, and how seemed to not be able to get the hint.

The same goes for Beast, he really lives up to his name. He is quite Beastly, but I guess some girls fall for that, including Chloe. Though whatever she sees in him… Lord only knows.

The only thing I didn’t like was the sister. How she asked her 15/16 year sister for money and for her to beg with her friends to get more money. I was just so angry. The sister clearly needs a crash-course in how money works and how to not spend everything in one go, especially not on expensive stuff like clothes, or food. So throughout the book I was worried how this would end. Would Zoe give the money to her sister? Would her sister lose the money instantly? Would the parents find out? I was definitely happy with the conclusion to this problem. Sure, I still wish she would have gotten help. But I guess she did change a bit throughout the book. She is trying at least to be more careful with money.

I was so happy with the cameo appearance for Jess and Flora. Even if it was short, I was still happy to see them.

I laughed oh so much during many many parts of this book. From the babysitter parts to things about her family to her plans for the Earthquake Ball (which were absolutely fabulous and awesome). So be warned, you may get a belly ache from all the laughing you will do while reading.

I would recommend this book to everyone + I will be buying the other books in this series as I want to read what happens next in the lives of these two girls.

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