Waiting on Wednesday ~ Book of Shadows

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Book of Shadows


Ohhh, I so want this book. I spotted it while browsing Goodreads, and was all surprised when I saw it. Really, that monthly What Is New in x month is worthless, I keep finding new books for this or the next month that aren’t on there. 😐

I can’t wait for this book. I really liked the other 2 books, and the fact that each book is a separate entry in the series. From ghosts to strange illnesses, and now witches and spells. I am hoping it will get quite creepy, I could use some more spooky books for my October Halloween month (sooooon!!!).

I am a bit disappointed in the cover. It is not as scary as the other 2 books in the series. I guess it fits the theme, but I feel it could have been way scarier.

All Melanie wants is a blank book to keep a journal of her private thoughts. One day while browsing in a used bookshop, she finds the perfect blank book—smooth black leather with strange symbols in gold embossing. But once she gets home, Melanie finds herself too intimidated by the heavy vellum pages to write her trivial thoughts on them. Her Wiccan friend Lara tells her it’s better suited to be a magical spell book, called The Book of Shadows.

Melanie doesn’t know much about that stuff, but Lara, her boyfriend Caleb, and his friend Lucas, get her started by writing their own made up spells inside the book’s tempting pages. What they didn’t expect was a new spell showing up inside the book—and in handwriting none of them recognize.

Soon they discover that the spells suggested by The Book of Shadows itself do work—but not without wreaking havoc on the lives of the four teenagers.

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