Library Haul 10-10-2017

Library Haul 10-10-2017

Evening all!

After 3 weeks I decided to go to Library #4 today, the books had to go back, and I finally had some time to visit.

Checking their catalogue I spotted some new books. Motivation went up even more!

In the end it was quite a hit and run, as I went in, got 8 books, and was out again in less than 10 minutes. 😛 I even spotted some other books I would want to take with me, but 8 is the limit, sadly. Guess I will go again next week if time (and my body) allows for it.

Two books are re-reads. Overstroomd (read it in 2012 when it came out, and I was just dazzled by the gorgeous new cover), and De Kloof (read it a long long time ago when I was still a very tiny Mehsi). Oh just checked Goodreads, I have 3 re-reads! Kortsluiting is also a re-read. Darn if only I had checked my Goodreads, but I didn’t think I had read that one yet.

Stats: 8 books. 1 comic, 1 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

Afgesloten by Natasza Tardio
Kortsluiting by Lieneke Dijkzeul
Isa’s droom by Marco Kunst
Overstroomd by Eva Moraal
De kloof by Jan Terlouw
Wij van de HBS by Roelof Bouwman, Henk Steenhuis
Het gelukkige eiland by Marit Törnqvist
Claire 17 by Robert van der Kroft, Jan van Die, Wilbert Plijnaar

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