Library Haul 14-10-2017

Library Haul 14-10-2017

Evening everyone!

Not a too long post today, I am super-tired, but I still want to share my new Library #2 books with you all! I have some great books. (Though I probably say that every haul. :P)

I am in a bit of a comic mood so I got some more comics. I am especially eager to start the Alleen series, it sounds a bit like a mix between Chikyuu no Houkago by Yoshitomi Akihito and The Enemy series by Charlie Higson. And I am curious to see if DirkJan works just as well when there is more than one comic of it or if I need to read it with moderation (the (dark) humour is at times a bit too much for me).

Oh, and I haven’t put the Wenen (Vienna) book on Goodreads as I am not planning to actively read it, I just need it to prepare for my weekend to Vienna (squee).

Stats; 13 new books. 6 comics, 1 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

De Groene Reisgids Wenen by Anne Teffo
Bigfoot, Tobin & Me by Melissa Savage
Monsters & Griezels by Simone Arts, Hans Andreus, Elle van den Bogaart, Bies van Ede, Thijs Goverde, Leny van Grootel, Henk Hardeman, Mieke van Hooft , Gonneke Huizing, Tanja de Jonge, Rom Molemaker, Anouk Saleming, Ellen Stoop, Saskia Halfmouw
Ik denk mezelf een tijger by Mieke van Hooft, Marike van Ditshuizen
De grote bomenrover by Oliver Jeffers
Onder dezelfde hemel by Britta Teckentrup
Wiebeltand by Isabelle de Ridder, Monique Dozy
Claire 5 by Robert van der Kroft, Jan van Die, Wilbert Plijnaar
DirkJan 20 by Mark Retera
DirkJan 1 by Mark Retera
Alleen 1 by Bruno Gazzotti, Fabien Vehlmans
Alleen 2 by Bruno Gazzotti, Fabien Vehlmans
Alleen 3 by Bruno Gazzotti, Fabien Vehlmans

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