Library Haul 17-10-2017

Library Haul 17-10-2017

Hi everyone,

Today I decided to go to the library, I still had a few books to read, but with the exception of one, they were re-reads. I wanted some fresh pages to read.

Plus I spotted some new books on their site, though I should have known. Just as always, they put the books up on the site, but then don’t put the books on the shelves immediately. This time again, I couldn’t find the books. They were on a big stack on one of the librarian’s desks. They still had to be checked and added. sighs Don’t get me wrong, but why would you put these books as shelved when you haven’t done so? And after today? I am probably just going to not go on the day the books are supposedly out. I just feel pretty bad for always having to ask. I even heard them discuss the new book situation…  That may mean I miss the books, as I can’t just go every time, but oh well, thankfully I have 3 other libraries (and 1 of them allows free reservations).

In the end I decided to keep one of the books I planned to re-read (Overstroomd), I just couldn’t bring myself to bring it back yet.

Stats; 5 new books. 1 comic, 3 fiction, 1 non-fiction.

Het geheim van by Michel Schaeffer
Hannes Hunebed by Aaron Reynolds, Phil McAndrew
Niet thuis by Jacques Vriens
Claire 21 by Robert van der Kroft, Jan van Die, Wilbert Plijnaar
Kleine Kong by Freya Hartas

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