Review for 5-Minute Mysteries for Minecrafters: The Creeper Code

Review for 5-Minute Mysteries for Minecrafters: The Creeper Code

Creepers, mysteries, emeralds missing, and much more!

I was truly excited that there would be another series by this author and illustrator. I am quite liking the Secrets of an Overworld Survivor series, and so I just had to try this one out.

I had expected this one to be all separately/individual stories, but in fact you do need to read them all together as there is also an overarching plot. Namely the fact that in the first story emeralds were stolen, and that one comes back again, as the twins are looking for those emeralds and hoping to solve that mystery as well.

Most of this book takes place in Birchtown, there is a lot going on in this town now that the Creepers are everywhere (eep, Creepers). From explosions at home, to mysterious music, to pigmonsters, the twins have their hands full finding out what goes on. It was really interesting, plus I loved that we the reader, can also solve the mystery. Mostly done through coded messages that one needs to decipher, but also checking an illustration (for which one really needs to know about Minecraft, as to me I couldn’t see anything weird with the image).

The ending was a delight, and oh so very exciting.

I also quite liked Oliver and Audrey. They aren’t afraid to get into the fray with monsters, and they really do their best to help out as much as they can.

Also, of course, wonderful illustrations by Grace Sandford. Which is, just like with the other series, the one big reason I want to read these books. 🙂

I am still not a fan of Minecraft, but I do love these books! I hope there will be more of these 5-minute mystery books. I want them all!

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