Review for Attack of the Not-So-Virtual Monsters

Review for Attack of the Not-So-Virtual Monsters

A fantastic book, perfect for a Pokemon Go player (which is what I am). 😛

I was really excited for this book as I am a big Pokemon Go fan, though I am not a screen zombie (there is just no need for that in Pokemon Go). So I wanted to see what happens when one takes a game like Pokemon Go (just with creepier (and from the descriptions uglier) monsters) and then have monsters from someone’s account be released in the wild. I am pretty sure that if this happened in real life, with Pokemon Go, I would probably fangirl before I go and catch them. Unlike the kids in this book who are pretty terrified, but then again, the monsters here are bigger, badder, and scarier. And more dangerous. There is a lot at stake here.

I liked their first meeting with the monsters in the wild. And of course it is one of the scariest monster out of Bex her lab, the VampWolf. Thankfully for the kids they have a giant portion of garlic-infested sauce and guess what VampWolfs dislike? Yep, garlic!
But still the kids don’t believe it, and I was eagerly waiting for them to find out that these monsters are really real, and they are out there. And it is up to Bex, her friends, and anyone else who can see the monsters (the people who play the game regularly) to catch them all. Figure out a plan, get out at night (as some of these critters are only found at night), plus of course figure out where the monsters are. Which is why the map (that was supposed to be for a whole different purpose, namely finding NEW rare monsters) they found at Charlie’s grandparents house is so important. The monsters just adore historical sites (and I don’t blame them).

The monsters got increasingly more difficult and scary, and I was rooting for our team to figure out a way to catch them without too much damage around them, or pain to themselves (as these monsters do pack a punch).

I could imagine the monsters perfectly thanks to the great descriptions by the author.

Next to the monsters plot we have the Willa who used to be a best friend and Charlie and his mean bully brother plot. I have to say I wasn’t interested in both of those plots, though eventually both Willa and Charlie’s brother were fundamental to the story. Sadly. I could do without them. I just wanted to see the monsters, see how people caught them, what they would use.

I didn’t like Willa. Not near the end, not when we first met her. Sorry, I don’t really like girls who drop their best friends like a brick for popularity and boys. If that was the only thing Willa did I may just have forgiven her though, but given she was also being a bully… no can do. Calling Bex and Charlie all sorts of names, making very hurtful comments. And we are just supposed to forgive her for all the pain she caused? Sorry, she will need to do more than do what she did in this book.

I am also still a bit confused about that machine that made Bex her monsters come out of her lab/phone. I don’t believe we have ever found out what exactly happened. What kind of machine is it? Was it really just electricity that did something magical? Or was it something much more than that?

Recommended to everyone! This is such a fun book to read, and I will be getting the next books in this series soon. I want to see what Bex and her friends get into next.

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