Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.3

Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.3

And so Miki joins the School Life Club!

I have to say I wasn’t all too amused with Miki and how she acted. I get that what Yuki does isn’t the best idea, but to act this shitty to someone? No. Just no. These people saved you, and instead of respecting that some people just process things differently, you barge against it. You go find out books about the topic (or something close to it), and then you say crap like that. Sorry, I was just so pissed. Yuki never does any harm, yes, she is seemingly oblivious (though readers do know there are hints that Yuki might just know very well what happened/is happening). I think it is just plain crap to get so angry at her. To put her and yourself in danger. Just let people process this horror in their own way.

Next to that we have a sports festival (yes, even in a zombie apocalypse one has to have a sports festival). It was fun to see what they all did, from racing to ball throwing.

Whereas the anime has Taroumarou since the beginning, we don’t see a Taroumarou until this volume, and even then only briefly. I have to say I must more prefer the Taroumarou in here. Yes, it is sad, yes it is horrible what happens to him. I always didn’t quite like the puppy in the anime.

We find out some shocking things near the ending of the volume, I am still amazed it is Miki who finds out about it. I would think the other girls would have found out. But it is a pretty interesting thing, why did the school have those booklets? Why is there that basement? And why is x person there?

And something horrific happens. I remember how hurt I was for that to happen to the character. 🙁 I know how worried I was at first, how afraid.

All in all, a pretty OK volume, though I did like it less than when I read it the first time.

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