Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.5

Review for Gakkou Gurashi Vol.5

It is time to graduate!

This was an action-packed, full of tears volume! As I already thought in the previous volume, the event that happened in this volume is indeed the cause for the girls to graduate! To move on. Of course they already wanted to move on, but now they have got to. The school isn’t liveable any more. Thank you zombies. 😐

I was on the seat of my chair for most of the volume. At first it starts off quite nice with the girls hosting some sort of Culture Festival and them making a radio show about it. Then things happen and our girls are up on the roof when poop hits the fan, when the helicopter appears, and when it crashes. Miki and Kurumi are crazy enough to go downstairs and outside to check it out (just in case someone is alive), while Rii and Yuki stay upstairs. I have to say I was shouting at the girls to not go outside, to just stay inside, to run to the basement, to seek safety. It was just such a horror cliche to go outside when you know it is a terrible idea.

In this volume all the girls are experiencing some terrifying moments (Miki and Kurumi outside, Yuki and Rii inside/on the roof), but it seems Rii is the most affected. I don’t even want to think of what Rii was planning at that moment, but I can be sure we have Yuki to thank for stopping her. Throughout this volume we see Rii wavering between protecting and collapsing. She is just not holding it any more, which doesn’t surprise me. She is the one who never really showed any sort of discomfort, pain, hurt. I think she, like Yuki (though less extreme), just tried not to think about it too much. Just tried to override her mind with chores so she wouldn’t have to think of the pain inside of her. But now? Now it is all pouring out. I just want to hug and hold the girl.

Yuki on the other hand is showing clearer and clearer signs that she is just pretending that she is fine. Not like the previous times when you could see she was truly oblivious. I am not sure what is worse. The knowing Yuki who hides it, or the oblivious Yuki who doesn’t know at all.

Thankfully for the girls they have the basement. Now that zombie-nee is away it is a safe spot, even again fire and smoke. I was heartbroken when they went upstairs again and saw what happened to their relatively safe school. 🙁

Lastly their graduation. Gosh, I was already crying for quite a few parts of this volume, but this brought on a new flood. I want to wish the girls all the best. Yes, I already know what will happen, and they will need all the best wishes.

Someday I will re-read Volume 6 to 9 again, but since I only recently read 8/9 I am not really in the mood to read them again.

Of course I would highly recommend this volume (and series) to everyone!

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