Review for Glitter

Review for Glitter

Glitters, sparkles, razzle-dazzles!

This book is chock-full of glitters! Like in every way, as there is glitter not only in the story but also on the pages, on the characters. Yep, the book is very shiny.

Gloria is going through her little hometown and she spreads glitter everywhere. On everyone. You can imagine that at first people aren’t that amused, but then they see the joy of glitters. How it brings people together as glitter really sticks to everything and everyone. It was all very cute, and I was delighted that people also saw the happiness of glitter. How can you get angry when everything is so sparkly and colourful?

I love how the story rhymes. Some of the rhymes had me in stitches.

It was fun to see the whole town, to see the stores, to see people walk around (or bike). I wish I could just step into the book and dance in glitter as well. The town seems like such a happy place.

The illustrations were so cute. Plus again, I just love that they added glitters on every page.

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