Review for Half-Minute Horrors

Review for Half-Minute Horrors

Half-minute (or shorter as some I just read in a few seconds) horror stories. But did it work or not?

A pretty decent book, rating it a bit higher due to the variety in how the stories are told and for the index at the end (which doesn’t work that well on my Kindle, but still I love a good index). From poetry to comics to normal storytelling, everything passes by. Some of the stories are very short (a few sentences) but some are a few pages long.

But the stories were quite hit and miss. Some really worked, most just felt too short. I know these are supposed to be half-minute horrors (or less), but I think some stories just don’t work as short as they were. They need more time to show and tell. Some I was just confused what just happened. And that wasn’t only for the text ones, but also the illustrated/comics were just a bit confusing due to their shortness.

The stories vary from icky spiders to clowns to monsters under the bed. Thankfully, not just the standard stuff that one often finds in horror books (vampires/werewolves/zombies). Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good vampire or werewolf or zombie story, but they are just everywhere. It is refreshing to find a horror book that picks different fears and tells us about them.

The stories are a bit gross at times, not really something that is a favourite of mine, I much more prefer a good jump scare, or a sudden plot twist.

But all in all, it was still a nice idea, credit where credit is due, and again, there were a few stories that I did quite like.

Also bonus points go to the cover. I do love a creepy cover!

I would still recommend this one as I did have fun to read it, plus I like the idea of short horror stories.

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