Review for Harper and the Fire Star

Review for Harper and the Fire Star

A circus in the clouds, a girl gifted by musical talent, a mysterious woman, and a beautiful, happy ending for everyone.

So this series end, in a brilliant, gorgeous, sweet ending. I am sad the series is ending, and I will miss it dearly, but I am happy with how it ended. It really couldn’t have ended in a better way.

In this one they are finally setting the plan in motion for the Wild Conductor. To get his place back in the circus. To get him accepted again. But the plan goes awry when not the Wild Conductor is taken… but Harper!

And so the book is mostly split. On the one side we have Harper and the circus (the big bad boss can’t know she is the girl who escaped), on the other side we have the Wild Conductor and Harper’s friends. Not only are they trying to get Harper out of the circus, but also get the Wild Conductor in the Circus. And overarching part is the mysterious woman who lives under the circus, only reached by a cobweb bridge/stairs. A woman who used to be fire, sparks, light when hearing music.

It was really interesting to see both sides. See all of them realise the truth about the woman, about what she means to the Wild Conductor. And I was cheering for everyone. To save this woman, to make her happy again. But also to save the Circus from the reign of Othello.

As with each book we see Othello and his terrible reign. Yes, I would call it that. Taking people. Never allowing them to see their family again. To totally cut them off from everything. A circus should be full of wonder, but it should also be done with happiness, and believe me, most of the people are not that happy. They want to go to their families. They want to see their friends. They want to be able to choose.

It was really fun to see how everything was tied up. How even the tiniest thing was solved. Everything just clicked together. I am really happy for everyone. They deserve this, and I am pretty sure that they will be fine.

The ending was gorgeous, and yes, I cried a bit. In happiness.

Of course the book is filled with gorgeous, sparkly, shiny illustrations which makes this book (and this series) even more magical.

All in all, bye bye Harper, thanks for all the wonderful, magical, musical stories. I will miss you!

Highly recommend to everyone!

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