Review for Ikenie Touhyou Vol.1

Review for Ikenie Touhyou Vol.1

Welp, this was… um interesting? An app, social death, will you vote or will you rebel?

I am currently watching Ousama Game (weird/strange/wtf) and I heard people say this was kind of like that. Well in a way it is. Though there are no murders, as is what is happening in Ousama Game.
But am I going to continue this one? Well, probably not. I am not sure yet.

Sorry, all, well except one of the social deaths are about sex. The stuff released is tapes or photographs. At least one made me want to bleach my mind (I think the people who have read this manga volume know which one I am talking about). The last social death in this volume was kind of out of place/weird, I had expected something different from that person considering all the things he is doing/willing to do. I can’t believe that is his social death.

Apparently all these things happening have to do with a teacher that died not that long ago. The first social death stated this was the teacher’s curse. The teacher was quite new, but her health deteriorated and she committed suicide. I am sure in the next volume we get a bit more on her history, so I may just read a bit of that as I am curious about the teacher and if she committed suicide because of her health, or because of something totally different.

I did like that most of the story is seen through the eyes of the transfer student. She does know the teacher, but she never knew about what happened to the teacher. I am guessing she got there near the end of it all. I am curious if she is cursed, just like her fellow classmates, or if because she got transferred near the end of it + never did anything wrong, is exempted of it.

Oh, and I was surprised that the students actually went to a teacher to tell about the app and what it is doing. That barely ever happens in manga/anime. Though, I am sure you can guess how the teacher reacted.

Plus it is always interesting to see how people react in these situations. Some go crazy, some just try to survive, and some go power hungry.

The art is pretty decent. The expressions are a bit off/weird at times.

Also a warning: This features some mature content.

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