Review for New England Witch Chronicles

Review for New England Witch Chronicles

This sounded much better than it actually was. sighs

I had a Book Bestie challenge on one of my groups and me and my bestie decided on this book. I was really interested in it, it sounded like a perfect book to read for Halloween!

This review will be a bit chaotic.

Sadly… I quickly got annoyed with this book. For many reasons. And it reminded me again why I read less and less YA these days. Love Triangle? Check. One guy who can’t get the hint? Check. A guy who thinks a girl is property (at least that is how it felt to me)? Check.

Yep. I am not a fan of Love Triangles. In this one we have two guys, one who can’t get the hint (James), one who thinks that girls are property/you need to protect them (Peter). While Alex is thankfully not interested in James, she is enormously stupid about how she handles him. She goes from hot to cold to hot to cold. He tries to kiss her, she gets angry, he appears the next day at her house and she just forgives him even though he didn’t quite apologise. She doesn’t get that Peter is interested in her (while EVERYONE can see it), and may not like the fact she keeps going to James (for dinner, for Haunted House stuff). Throughout the story James just keeps on appearing everywhere, to which Peter gets aggressive and then James becomes angry. sighs

I liked neither guys. Sorry, I am not into guys who don’t get the hint and then try to kiss a girl while she is clearly not wanting that. And I am not into guys who are overly protective or think a girl is theirs and no one else’s.

The book also wasn’t that exciting. There was some excitement at the beginning with Megan, and the ending was slightly exciting (though mostly weird and over-the-top). But the rest? Nope. Not at all.

But the twists? Sorry, I saw all of them coming. Especially that one about a character with a V.

Alex was also an enormous idiot. She does a ton of stupid stuff, and I do wonder how she ever survived until now. For instance this girl just follows Victor. And did I talk about the two times she was driving and was CALLING or PICKING UP THE PHONE? And then she wonders why no one lets her drive. Gee, I wonder why? rolls eyes
And really, if one gets anxiety attacks then why does one go to a Haunted House. Instead of sympathising with her I was just sighing and wondering why she can’t just be honest to her friends.
Oh, and hey, let me just go to the docks. It is a shady place, but I will be fine, right? And of course she instantly gets cornered by two creepy as hell dudes.

Urgh, at the ending. The cliffhanger was just bleh. I am not planning to read the next book, and I was hoping this one would end at least a bit conclusive. I know there is a second book, but I have read enough books that get/have sequel and do still end quite nicely.

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