Review for Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide

Review for Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide

Nibbles is back! Dinosaurs, jokes, a giant fart, and tons of naughty nibbling!

I just adored the first Nibbles book and was hoping that there would be more Nibbles. There are still so many more books for Nibbles to nibble on. Imagine my delight when I saw there would be a new Nibble book featuring one of my all time favourite subjects: Dinosaurs!

This time Nibbles is eating a dinosaur guide, so follow the hunt to find Nibbles as he eats his way through dinosaurs (noooo, dad!). You can imagine the dinosaurs aren’t amused by this little critter that is nibbling his way through their lives, friends, family, and trees.

I loved the little footprints that were scattered throughout the pages, plus I had so much fun finding Nibbles. Then there are flaps you can open up for even more adventures and fun hidden secrets.

And be prepared to laugh your butt off, there are lots of funny jokes (and even some terrible ones :P), and also there are nibble holes in the previous page highlight a dinosaur and something he says (quite often hilarious).

I just adored how the last page and the blurb of the book connect together (plus those poor dinosaurs). I did notice the hole of course, but had no idea that it connected the flying Nibbles to those pages.

The art is still fabulous. Nibbles is an adorable monster (though very naughty). Plus I love how the dinosaurs were drawn.

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