Review for Sultan no Koukeigi

Review for Sultan no Koukeigi

Sultans, exotic lands, romance, and lots of weirdness. 😛

Why did I read this? Well I needed an author with an x in their name for a challenge on a Goodreads group. I wanted a manga to read, but for some reason a lot of people with an x in their name write porn, mmm. grins But eventually I bumped into this one and though I was a bit hesitant (due to the Harlequin books banner), I still went to try it out.

But I guess I should have known what I was going to read. I think I once tried a Harlequin book, and instead of swooning like so many woman do, I was just laughing my butt off. This manga is pretty tame, but still the romance is dreadfully silly.

So what did I just read? Ah, yes, some weird, convoluted story about a girl who lost her hubby who was the prince to a country and now his cousin comes by to get a ring and also to find out what happened to said hubby’s kid (yes, the MC was pregnant at the time she lost hubby). Add to that a lot of name switcheroo’s, tons of family stuff that just added to the drama, and a love story that was just hilariously bad (oh no, I can’t love you, I love my dead hubby. Oh wait, no kiss me, hold me, love me, you look so much like my hubby (ouch), oh no this is bad, oh no wait I do love you). Did I mention a missing heirloom and a family story with lots of drama and death?

Ah yes, and a whiny MC who just kept on being dramatic. Really, you would think she is constantly putting up a show.

The ending? Well, I wouldn’t call it an ending. Not at all. There is still so much left unsaid. sighs It just felt a bit too sudden. Like, oh we are done with x and y. Well claps hands story is over!

The art? Typical Shoujo art. Glittering eyes, dramatic scenes, lots of glitter and flowers, handsome people, etc., etc..

I am not sure if I would recommend it. If you want to end up laughing your butt off and grabbing some aspirin (due to the convoluted story), by all means go ahead. 😛

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