Review for Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children

Review for Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children

13 short, creepy, scary stories featuring ghosts, murder, basements, and other creepy goings-on.

I am in the mood for short stories, so of course I had to try this one out after I finished the Guys Read: Terrifying Tales book.

I have written a short review per story with a star rating.

Prologues/Introductions: Haha, well this book starts off pretty great. Two introductions, one saying you shouldn’t believe it, that there is nothing scary… and the other says the exact opposite. I just love that.

Story 1: Ol’ Baldy: 3 stars. Not a bad start, not a bad start at all. It was quite creepy at the end, though I wasn’t sure about the ending, I had expected a bit more of it. It was too R.L. Stine-ish. Sometimes I don’t mind those, but now I wanted a good conclusion.
Bonus points for the story being about a well and something creepy that lives in it. Not sure if an old man is better than a Japanese girl, but eh. 😛

Story 2: Death Rides a Bike: 4.5 stars. This story was good, even if, thanks to the title of the story, I had a good suspicion what was going on. It was creepy, and I was just hoping my suspicions would prove wrong. In fact, I was a bit wrong about one thing, though I can’t tell you what as that would spoil it, but it has to do with an event near the beginning.
Plus if I have kids, I will let them save their game first before just pressing the power button. I am a gamer myself, so I know the feeling of working hard on a game.
I do feel sorry for the mom though. 🙁

Story 3: Bring Your Child To Work Day: 1 star. Sorry, but this was just dumb. That kid was just stupid, it amazes me he turned 13, given how trusting and easily lured he is by everyone. Oh hey, there is a criminal in the cell, let me just help him out with everything. rolls eyes Gee, kid, what did your dad tell you? But why would you listen? So yeah, not creepy, more annoying. Plus that mom…
Also I can’t understand why the dad just left his kid like that. I can understand you can’t take him with you, but to leave him with someone in the cell next to him seems too stupid and irresponsible.

Story 4: The Treehouse: 2 stars. Moderately scary, but sadly the stupidity of these kids ruined the book for me. Oh hey, a treehouse, let’s just go inside even though it is totally weird and creepy. Oh hey, my friend just screamed, welp, got to go inside now. Oh the treehouse now has my name? Oh well, then I guess I will go inside. sighs and rolls her eyes Dear Lord. How did these kids survive until now?

Story 5: A belief in monsters: 5 stars. Ah look, this is the stuff I want to read about. Monsters! Basements full of creepy stuff. This just raised the hairs on my arms. Especially that ending, it was just perfection.
From start to finish this story was haunting, creepy, and definitely worth being in this terrifying tales book! It is quite short (shorter than most as of now) but that just works like a charm.

Story 6: Back Scratches: 4.5 stars. With the exception of the boy’s obsession with back scratches (really, what is up with that?) this was a magnificent, spooky, creepy read, and I loved it. How the monster got closer and closer, how once again the adults didn’t believe, and then that ending! I love it! I definitely will have to keep an eye on the ceiling tonight. 😛

Story 7: New House: 4.5 stars. The hell, the hell? OMG, this was definitely terrifying and frightening. A creepy old house, a kid who doesn’t want to move, a door that won’t shut, and then there are the events of that first night (which gave me goosebumps). But nothing was as scary as the ending was. Boy, oh boy, I could have seen it coming, but I didn’t, and I practically jumped from my chair.

Story 8: Cool: 4.5 stars. Oh, another great story! This one featuring a familiar monster. I can tell you I hadn’t expected it though, sure, I knew something was up with those girls, but I hadn’t expected them like that. I do feel sorry for Cassie. The poor thing, she didn’t deserve this, not even her thirst for Coolness (sorry, couldn’t resist). Popularity is a killer it seems. 😉

Story 9: A Selfie With Bigfoot: 2 stars. Eh, this one couldn’t really interest me, plus it wasn’t as if it was terrifying. Even if it was Bigfoot, as the grandpa already said… it is harmless and very shy. But I did like the camping trip, and I had quite a laugh at the boys and how scared a few of them were. Plus I liked that we had a non-believer. But I guess after this trip he may think something else.

Story 10: Triplets: 3 stars. Minus points for the title. Is it that hard to just make a title that doesn’t spoil the entire story? 😐 I did feel sorry for James, I can understand it isn’t fun when someone copies everything you do and say. 🙁 Of course it isn’t that nice to wish them gone, but if no one listens, if everyone just ignores it, I can understand. The ending was gruesome and quite creepy. shivers

Story 11: It Lives at the Bottom: 4.5 stars. I just got one question, why did it never strike until now? I mean, these kids have been swimming there for who knows how long without trouble, but now there is something? Whut? I am a bit on the fence on the sister. She wasn’t mean, but she wasn’t always nice. Bragging is meh. The ending was exciting, fast-paced, and I screamed when the dad did x. Nooooooo!

Story 12: Little Miss Toughie Tough: 3 stars. And that is mostly due to the very disappointing ending. It was all exciting, scary, creepy, and OMG NOPE, and then it turned out to be that? yawns Borrrrinnnng! I did love our MC though, I like a girl who can kick some butt. A girl who doesn’t scream but instead goes into fighting pose when seeing a monster. 😛 Go girl!

Story 13: The Silver Brush: 2.5 stars. A pretty decent story, but a bit boring. I did like that we finally have a story with a Banshee, I have read quite a few books lately, but none have featured a Banshee. So plus points for that. Poor Megan, haunted like that. So remember kids: If you see something shiny, just leave it. Don’t bring it with you. The ending was OK, but I feel like an epilogue would have been nice.

All in all, this was a pretty great bundle of creepy, scary stories. There were some amazing ones in this one. My favourite is definitely the basement story. I already hate basements and this doesn’t help. I would recommend this book to everyone looking for some creepy horror reads this Halloween.

4 thoughts on “Review for Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children

  1. Hi, this is my (David) and my cousin (Shawn’s) book. Thanks so much for taking the time to read/review it. As self-publisher’s we love anyone that takes an interest in our writing.

    I’m glad to hear you liked the Basement story so much. I had a lot of fun writing that one.

    Warm regards,
    David Kobb

    1. Hello David. You’re welcome. 🙂

      Yep, I really loved that one, especially as I am terrified of basements myself. It just resonated with me and how I felt when I had to go down a basement.

      1. Hi, there. I wanted to let you know that we’re publishing two more Terrifying Tales books this year. “More Terrifying Tales” should be out in the next few weeks, and “Even More Terrifying Tales” will be out by the end of the year. I think you’ll enjoy them. I hope you have the opportunity to check them out and give them a review.

        Warm Regards,
        David Kobb

        1. Hello! Oh my, that is terrific news! I was already hoping there would be other books coming. Thank you for letting me know, and I will keep an eye out for them. If I read them I will definitely give them a review. 🙂

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