Review for The Grotlyn

Review for The Grotlyn

Benji Davies did it again, yes, he did. He made another gorgeous, beautiful, and also mysterious, picture book about a mysterious creature, thefts, and nightly activities.

When I spotted this book on Twitter I ran immediately to Bookdepository to get it. And then the wait begins (why can’t they just ship it faster!), and then even more wait as I wanted to save this one for October when I read all sorts of mysterious books as Halloween draws nearer and nearer.

There is a creature lurking in the night, stealing your knickers, stealing your lights, your food, anything. Is it random? Is there purpose to the thefts? As the book continues we see things take shape, and we see what the creature is up to.

I knew pretty much right from the bat who the Grotlyn was. There were a lot of hints available, not to mention that at times you could see most of the mysterious creatures. Still, I had a ton of fun seeing what the mysterious creature was up.

Of course this being a picture book, it is filled with gorgeous, beautiful illustrations. I am sure this book could survive on the illustrations alone. There are little details strewn throughout them, plus you can easily see what is going on, the expressions on the characters often convey well what is going on. From Rubi’s frightened looks, to the police officer’s shocked one. I am definitely sure I can find more details as I re-read this book, and I am looking forward to it.

The ending was terrific, be sure to check those roofs. 😛

Also bonus points for the hardcover and what is under the flap on the real book cover.

All in all, a wonderful book by Benji Davies. And I would highly recommend this book to everyone young and old!

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