Review for The Invincibles: The Beast of Bramble Woods

Review for The Invincibles: The Beast of Bramble Woods

The newest Invincibles book, and this time there is a beast lurking in the Bramble Woods.

So, naturally given the topic + the fact this book was all orange, I had to wait until yesterday (October 1st) to read this one. It is perfect for my October Horror Mystery Month Fest.

I couldn’t wait to see what things Nell would be doing in this one, especially as it promised a beast!

We meet again with Nell’s family, see her mom, her dad, the baby, her brother, her grandma. I am still amazed so many people can live in one house.. Well, then again, I just remembered my neighbours next door (both sides) and how many people seem to just come out of that apartment. 😛

I just love the friendship between Freddie and Nell. They are great friends and I just love how they support each other’s ideas. Though it seems that Freddie is holding some secrets in this one. I am kind of curious how Nell would react if she knew THAT.

The beast? Well, I was properly scared (also didn’t work I was reading this late at night), but then I remembered a part in the book, and I began to get less scared and more curious. Would what I had in my head be correct? Would I be right? Or was it just a red herring planted by the author. Of course I am not going to tell you the outcome, too spoilery, but I can tell you that I was right.

The art was of course still fabulous. I just adore the style of the drawings. They are cute, but even with the cuteness the illustrator is still capable of making scary scenes, capturing the atmosphere perfectly.

Plus how can I not love the fact all the illustrations are orange, black, grey. I just love books that do a theme colour.

I had one thing that kind of ruined the mood and the book for me. And that was the way Nell kept pushing, pushing, pushing. Not even caring that her brother may want to have some privacy and have a party with his friends. Oh no, this girl HAS to push her way into the party. 😐 If she was invited by her brother I wouldn’t have minded, but now I was just bothered. She wants her brother to treat her nicely, but then treats him crappily in return. Sorry, but no. And then the things she did when she was supposed to go to bed. Going back to the camp. Stealing marshmallows, doing pranks. Sorry, but no. This was quite a big part of the book so I am given the book -1.5 stars for it.

I hope the next book will be back to the fun that book 1 was. So far it seems my rating for this series is going down with each book. Book 1: 5 stars. Book 2: 4 stars. Book 3: 3 stars. 🙁

So yeah, there were some great moments, but sadly Nell really needs a better personality and be a bit more polite and kind towards people.

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