Review for Witch Snitch

Review for Witch Snitch

The witches of Sinkville are back in their 5th adventure!

This was one of those surprise books, I never expected that there would be another book after the 4th book (given the story/the ending), so imagine my delight when a few months ago I saw there would be another book! Yay!

And what an adventure, and how well it fits with the upcoming Halloween. In Sinkville it is time for Witchoween, and it is Tiga’s first Witchoween even, so it is even more special than normal.

Now, Witchoween isn’t the same as Halloween, in fact it kind of inspired Halloween due to two witches how got lost and someone misinterpreted them. 😛 So we have Halloween to thank due to two lost witches, thanks girls!

Tiga, and Fran and Fluffanora and Lizzy, are off to interview witches for Witchoween. We meet all sorts of famous/hard-working/important witches of Sinkville. Like Tiga’s mom, Mrs. Clutterbucks, and a ton of others. It was just so much fun, and I like the diversity of them. All sorts of jobs pass by. And at times our team could even try out things.

There is also a bit of mystery. What is Peggy up to? Why is Fluffanora being so stand-offish about Peggy? In the end we find out and I was just so happy. That is so sweet of them all to do that. Tiga has some fantastic friends and family.

I loved how the author wove her the mermaids/the world from Bad Mermaids into this story. It just fitted so perfectly and it made sense that they would know the mermaids, or at least heard tales of them. I am happy they are both in the same world, now all I want is a book that combines them both. Maybe Tiga and Fluffanora going on a trip to Hidden Lagoon or our mermaids being invited to a party at Sinkville.

Fran was slightly, sorry, I mean very annoying though, but then again, that is her trademark feature. 😛 I do wonder how anyone stands to be around her for longer than 5 minutes. Maybe they used a spell to have most of the urgh bounce off. Yeah, that must be it.

Micro-cats? Perfection! I guess you have to do something to make the fairies happy (and not have them get eaten).

One thing I would have liked to see was that the activities were placed at the back. In a way they fitted where they were located now, but it also distracted me. I just wanted to continue reading the story! 😛 They were fun though, and I can’t wait to try some of them out soon. Especially the Fran one (I don’t like Fran so imagine how happy I am at being able to dunk a look-a-like into icky-sticky stuff).

Of course, like all the other books, there are a ton of fun, glittery, sparkly illustrations! Laura Ellen Anderson’s style just fits perfectly with this book (but I probably said this a few times already in earlier reviews and on other places, I just can’t help mentioning it again and again).

I really hope there will be more Witch Wars books, I don’t want this series to end. I am sure Tiga and her friends will have many things to discover, there is still so much to explore and do in this world.

All in all, recommended to everyone!

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