Library Haul 15-11-2017

Library Haul 15-11-2017

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I went to Library #4 again to pick up some new books. And I was reminded why I don’t really visit the library on a Wednesday. 😛 It was just way too busy, and with it being a tiny library there wasn’t that much room to walk around and actually search for books.

But I managed to find some books, I am not sure if I will like all of them though. But I have 2 that I hope will be great (Dex and Het grote chocoplot).

Stats: 6 books, all of them fiction.

Dex by Mijke Pelgrim
Het grote chocoplot by Chris Callaghan
In galop by Debbie Hogewind
De geheime kookclub by Laurel Remington
Wie je morgen bent by Rebecca Stead
De dikke Kolletje by Pieter Feller, Natascha Stenvert

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