Library Haul 18-11-2017

Library Haul 18-11-2017


Happy weekend everyone! Hope your weekend is off to a great start, just like mine is with this amazing book haul. <3

Yep, my Library #2 haul is amazing again. I had 7 reservations waiting for me (and still several more I am waiting to be mine (yes, it never stops)), and since I still had 2 books at home, I could find another 6 books. Well, that turned out to be quite easy. While wandering around the library I quickly found 4 more books, and then I decided to let the last 2 books be about London. Yes, London, I am making possible plans to visit that city (Harry Potter – A History of Magic exhibition fangirls). One of my dream cities, so hopefully the plans will all come together. squee

Stats: 13 new books. 10 non-fiction (this must be a record), 2 comics, 1 fiction.

Time to Momo London by Kim Snijders
Lonely Planet London by Damian Harper
Bij ons op school by Jack Botermans, Wim van Grinsven
Ober, er zit natuurkunde in mijn soep by Helen Czerski
De K is voor Koreaans by Rukmini Iyer, Juriko Kosaka
Atlas & Axis: De noorhonden by Pau
Het kapselboek by Anne Thoumieux, Brigitte Baudesson
Het grote griezelboek by many illustrators and authors
De jaren 80: Doemdenkers en positivos by Ad Rooms
Ik hou van dino’s by Roger Priddy
Kinderen in het verzet 1 by Benoît Ers, Vincent Dugomier
Liever Naakt Dan Namaak by Jack Botermans, Wijnand Veenendaal
Sporen van smaragd by Evelien Pieterse, Femke Lockefeer

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