Library Haul 21-11-2017

Library Haul 21-11-2017


I had some time today so I decided to pop in by Library #4. I had tried/read most of the books (just have one that I still want to try out) and so I was in the need for new books.

You may remember that last week it was quite busy at the library, and that I just took whatever I could find (with the exception of 2 books)? Well, today the library was all silent and quiet (so lovely), and I was in and out of the library in 10 minutes. 😛 Yep, 10 minutes in and I found my 7 new books! Sometimes that happens, you just walk in and find all the books instantly, and other times you have to try hard to find maybe 3 nice books.

I also took one Sinterklaas book with me, it is that time of the year again! You may see other Sinterklaas books pop up in my Library hauls the coming 2 weeks.

Stats; 7 new books. 2 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Ga lekker zélf in je kracht staan by Japke-D. Bouma
In transit by Margaretha van Andel
Daten wat de pot schaft by Quizas
De Tovertest by Femke Dekker, Marieke Nelissen
De zus van Sinterklaas by Tiny Fisscher
Een dik jaar Julia en Ot by Elle Lieshout, Erik Os, Sandra Klaassen
Het geheim van de grote doolhoftoren by Hiro Kamigaki, IC4DESIGN

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