Library Haul 28-11-2017

Library Haul 28-11-2017

Hi everyone,

Even though I have a ton of new books thanks to 2 amazing hauls at Boekenfestijn + of course my Library Haul of Saturday, I wanted to go and visit Library #4. While checking their new releases online I spotted several new books. Now, I knew I would probably be disappointed as they generally put the books on the site but then don’t put them in the right spaces. 😐 But I still wanted to try it out and check.

And today was different! As soon as I reached the YA/Children part I spotted the new books instantly. They were all in the bookcases they belong to. I also found another new book that I didn’t spot on their site yet, and I also took a Sinterklaas book with me (it is the season sings Sinterklaas songs). So it was a great haul, and I happily left the library again.

So now I have a lot of books to read. Thankfully, it is the perfect weather to curl up with a warm blanket, and drink some hot chocolate (with tiny marshmallows or whipped cream) and read read and read more. Well when I have the time to do so. 😛

Stats; 7 new books, all of them fiction.

Attractopia by Erik Persoons
Zondag, maandag, sterrendag by Anna Woltz, Annet Schaap
Chanel meets Cinderella by Simone Arts, Tante Beun
Is er leven op Mars? by Jon Agee
Monster by Michael Grant
Oorlog in een koffer by Berti Persoons
Prinses Arabella en de Sint by Mylo Freeman

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