Library Haul 3-11-2017

Library Haul 3-11-2017


Yes, as you can see from the GIF, I went to Library #4 again. Mehsi, didn’t you go like a few days ago? Why yes, yes I did! 😛 But I had a (rare) reservation that was ready and waiting for me, so I had to go again. Sadly, 5 of my new books were a disappointment :(, so I had the chance to get some new books again. Plus I am feeling under the weather (darn you flu season), so I wanted to make sure I have enough to read should next week be a week full of lying on bed. Lucky for me I had a half day free, so I had time to visit a library.

Stats: 6 new books, all of them fiction!

Stip het sprintkanon by Ellen Stoop, Marieke van Ditshuizen
Escape Room by Maren Stoffels
Le Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman
Blitz: De jacht op het monster by Rian Visser, Lars Deltrap
Buitenaards Kattenkwaad by Simon Cherry, Andrea Kruis
Ik ben Harry Vink by Alexis Deacon, Viviane Schwarz

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