Review for All About Ella

Review for All About Ella

Welcome to a week in the life of Ella.

Sadly, I had expected more from this book. It was too short for my liking, plus there is barely any information on what Sam’s illness is. We know he needed an emergency blood-transfusion and he has to stay in the hospital at times, so it is a serious illness, but other than that? Nothing. I think it would have better had the book been about at the earlier days of Sam’s illness, or explained a bit more about it. Now I just missed that and that took away a bit of emotion that I would probably have given to the book if I had known what was going on.

Plus, Ella was just so infuriatingly annoying. OH, no heavens my parents and grandmother don’t know what day I was born (Monday/Tuesday, etc.). And I MUST know it BECAUSE OF POEM. OMG. They must not like me enough. Oh no, they only care about my brother. rolls eyes so hard they roll out and fall on the floor Girl, just a bit of a hint, I don’t think they know your brother’s day either. But the whole book is Ella droning on and on about that. Really, is that such a life and death situation that you are thinking they don’t like you?

The only thing I could see the parents didn’t do right was when they didn’t pick Ella up ONCE, and didn’t care to call or tell anyone about it. Poor Ella was just so afraid something bad had happened. And yes, I didn’t think that was a good thing. I get that it was an emergency, but please take care of your other kid as well. But the other stuff? Haha, no. I saw they cared equally about both their kids. And I just wished Ella would shut up about that silly day thing. Who cares?

I did like the format, in other words that this book took place over a week. Each chapter was a day.

Plus I liked the illustrations a bit. At times the perspective was very wonky/weird, which was a shame, but generally the art is pretty fitting and quite adorable.

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