Review for Chews Your Destiny

Review for Chews Your Destiny

“If you start trouble, I’ll bust your bubble, ’cause I’m a gum girl, Yes, I am a Gum Girl!”

Say hello to Gum Girl, or Gabby Gomez! This girl loves, no wait LOVEEEEESSSS bubblegum. In fact she loves it so much she can’t go a day without them. Yes, this does sound a lot like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Violet Beauregade. However, Gabby is a sweet (albeit promise-breaking), polite, kind girl with a great sense of justice. I don’t even want to think of Violet getting gum-powers. No siree, I am sure that girl would use it for evil, instead of Gabby’s using it for good deeds.

I loved Gabby from the start, though I wasn’t too happy that she broke her promise to her mom that easily. I am a girl who takes promises serious, so I would have loved it for Gabby to keep the promise. Oh well, I guess if she had done that we wouldn’t have the amazing Gum Girl, so I can forgive her for once. 😛

It was quite fun to see how she got her powers (that girl got some bubbleblowing powers!).

The peanut butter just disgusted me. But that is because of my allergies for peanuts. I can’t even imagine rubbing it all over your body. Urgh, instant death for me. But hey, it works for Gum Girl/Gabby. Though she will have to think of another way, as I am not too sure if her mom approves of her going to jars of the stuff.

The illustrations are a delight. I loved how Gum Girl is drawn. She is indeed a gum girl, and not just girl with some gum. It was fun to see her POP out of a bubblegum bubble and thus transform into Gum Girl!

The ending was a bit sudden, I certainly didn’t expect the book to end that way + with a cliffhanger.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series. Hopefully I can wait until next year March when the paperback comes out (why do paperbacks take so long to come out shakes her fist).

All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone.

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