Review for Chichi to Hige Gorilla to Watashi Vol.1

Review for Chichi to Hige Gorilla to Watashi Vol.1

Welcome to the day to day lives of 2 brothers and 1 little daughter.

The older brother has lost his wife not that long ago and is alone with his daughter. But thankfully not for much longer, his younger brother decides to live with them. And that is the start of hilarious day to day events.

It was really fun to see the day to day events, from cooking to bringing (and getting) the kid from daycare, seeing them go to the zoo or other places. They really make for a cute family.

There were also moments that broke my heart (the parts with the mom (though they also made me laugh at times, she was really clumsy and the older brother isn’t shying away from saying certain things about his wife (like her terrible cooking)), the winter episode). I hope the dad is one day able to tell his kid what happened to her mom for real.

I am not to sure how I feel about the abuse towards the uncle (younger brother) (calling him names, being rude to him). It was funny at first (as he was a stranger to her), but then it quickly got sour. Especially since it was just her, and now a lot of others are also doing it. And the guy is so sweet and caring. He doesn’t deserve the crap he gets. 😐

I am definitely shipping the younger brother with that girl who works at the daycare (even though she was a bit mean at the beginning, but I can see she does like him), and the older brother with one of the new girls at his work (not sure which one yet).

The art is also pretty good.

All in all, a very good volume and I will definitely keep on reading this series.

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