Review for Disney Manga: Fairies – Petite’s Fairy Diary

Review for Disney Manga: Fairies – Petite’s Fairy Diary

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I loved Vidia and the Fairy Crown, so when I spotted this one on Netgalley, well gee, I had to just request it. Well, after making absolutely sure there is no Tinker Hell in this one or at least not too much as the main character. It didn’t seem she would be in here much (although she, like the Vidia book, is on the cover).

This volume is all about Petite and her life on Neverland. As her name already implies she is tiny. Tinier than most fairies even! And a whole lot more clumsier. Dear heavens, this girl gets in all sorts of things. Going by her looks (I know, terrible) you would think she is frilly, easygoing, flighty. But she really proves you wrong. She is on a mission to find her talent, to show it at the ceremony and become a full fairy. I am cheering for this girl! If there is anyone who deserves it, it is Petite!

In the first story it is time for her to discover her talent as the Moon Banquet is coming soon (well in half a year). I loved how this girl, even when her size puts her at a disadvantage just keeps on going.
I did feel sorry for her as everyone is pretty terrible and mean about her height and how clumsy she is. Come on guys, at least she tries, you don’t have to act all poopy about it. 🙁 I would have done the same thing as her after all that. But even though her fellow fairies acted like that she still did that for them. I admire that, not many people can set aside such terrible things like that (or think those people deserve to be saved).

The second story features a cat on the loose (I do wonder where it came from). I hated how the fairies acted towards the cat, even when Petite was trying to tell them the cat was harmless. Really, guys, maybe for once you should just listen to someone instead of attacking. I get that the cat did a lot of bad things, but it wasn’t as if he did that on purpose. Come on, did you guys see how big he is? Even if he just paddles through the forest he is bound to break stuff.

The third story is her finding her talent! I really loved it. It was sweet, cute, plus of course I was just delighted for Petite. She worked so hard to find it, despaired so much, but now she is rewarded with an amazing talent. I just adored how everyone loved her talent, and how eager they are to see what she will do next. Plus thanks to Petite two people got a very happy ending. 🙂

The fourth story is a mix of the Moon Banquet and something that happens to Dill (and what Petite will do for him). Plus CONFESSION!!! squee It was all a whirlwind of awesomeness, especially near the end. I was just sitting on the edge of my seating, wishing with all my might. I actually have to confess that I almost cried. It was just so sweet!

I didn’t quite like how the first two stories ended. Don’t get me wrong, happy endings are <3, but it just felt highly out of place in these stories. There is such a build up, no one believes Petite or people doubt her, but then suddenly they believe her? Suddenly they love her? Whut?

I was pretty amazed at Tinker Hell, she was actually friendly and polite for once. looks around Did she take anything? 😛 Really, throughout the stories she shows kindness and she wasn’t whining or complaining or being a total jerk about things (like she always did to Wendy and some other fairies).

Oh, and even though I didn’t always like Dill, I was shipping him with Petite like crazy. swoons Even though Dill is a bit of a macho man at times, he always came to Petite and helped her out. Plus they just were a perfect match.

I also liked the Introducing The Fairy Friends at the end.

The art was just as fabulous as it was in the Vidia manga, though it was a whole lot more bubbly and less yandere. I just loved how Petite was drawn. Soft, bubbly, sweet, cute. Especially during the close-ups I was squeeing as she looked so beautiful.

All in all, I would recommend this manga to everyone. It is cute, sweet, has a good message (just keep on trying, just keep on going, you will find what you are looking for), plus who can resist a manga about the fairies on Neverland?

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