Review for Kino no Tabi – the Beautiful World Vol.1 + Vol.2

Review for Kino no Tabi – the Beautiful World Vol.1 + Vol.2

This is a review for Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this series.

“The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.”

After being very disappointed in the new anime (a reboot), I decided to check the Kino no Tabi manga, or well, one of them that is. 😛 And I am also planning to re-re-re, well I lost count, watch the old Kino no Tabi anime.

I am not too sure about the art. Kino just doesn’t look like Kino to me. They look more like they just dropped out of a shounen manga/anime. Which is a shame, but at least they still acted like Kino (unlike the Kino from the newest anime).

These volumes were pretty great, though nothing new for me who watched the first anime years and years ago. But it was still fun to read the stories again. To see the (weird/cruel) countries again. Plus to see the backstory for Kino again. Which brought fresh tears to my eyes.

The stories were still very sad/interesting/great to read, even if I already knew them. It seems that no country is a truly good one or happy one, sometimes at first glance they look nice, but then you learn the backstory… and darn it. We have a country in which everyone can feel and hear anything people think. Then we have a country who is at peace with another country at the cost of someone else. And then there are a ton of other countries that will make you ponder about the beautiful world, about humanity.

I loved Kino’s 3-day in a country rule. It is perfect. That way you can do a lot of things, get to know the population, and much more. Of course at times you may want to stay longer (though so far the countries weren’t that OK).

I am not too sure about Hermes. I never quite liked him. I may be one of the few, but I am getting tired of his comments, the fact he can magically talk or whatever. Plus I find it weird that Kino just brings him everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Hotel? Hermes is there. Some palace? Hermes is there. A cel? Hermes is there. You get the idea. It was just too silly.

The art is OK. I did like the gorgeous scenery/landscapes, and there are tons of details everywhere. But again, I am not a fan of this Kino and how they look.

All in all, I would recommend this 2 volumes. But be prepared to cry, have your heartbroken, and ponder about life and the world.

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