Review for Kuro Vol.2

Review for Kuro Vol.2

Our cute, but deadly, kitty is back with his owner and the world full of monsters they live in.

Like the previous volume we have 2 parts. The main story, which is in colour, and the side stories, in black and white. In the main story we see the situation worsen for Coco. She is still in denial (or in so much traumatic stress) about Kuro, about her parents, about everything in the world. At times you can see that she knows something is up, but more often you see that she just doesn’t see it all. She gets angry when people doubt Kuro, when people try to hurt Kuro. And I can kind of understand it, she lost so much in her short life, she just doesn’t want to see that the only one left of her family isn’t alive and is a monster.

The side stories give us more questions but also more answers about the situation in the country. We see friendship between Coco and her friends, we see Coco and her family move to the cursed mansion (including a story on why the mansion is cursed and feared). It was all quite interesting, well except for that made-up story by Coco. I just didn’t care for that one, I just wanted answers and more background on the situation.

What happened at the end of the main story (the coloured pages)? Eh, I saw it coming, not only because of the hint on one of the pages, but also because the third volume is out already and it is all clearly shown on the cover there. 🙁 Still it was a bit of a shock, and I wonder what it means for Coco.

The art is still gorgeous and I just adore that you can open up the flaps of the cover and see a giant picture, which at first glance looks OK and safe, but then you see the monsters lurking in the corners. shivers

All in all, I have to get the last volume (sad it is the last one) soon. Hopefully we get all the answers on the many questions I still have. Plus I want to know what is going on with Coco.

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