Review for Look for Ladybug in Plant City

Review for Look for Ladybug in Plant City

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Before I start my review, I want to say that I wanted to rate this book 4.5 stars, but sadly, due to the abrupt ending, I am rating it 3.5 stars. If we do ever get a last page with Ladybug found + happy reunion, and not, as it is now, that they just try out silly hats because eh, why not. I really was sad that this was the ending, I was just scrolling and I was wondering why I didn’t see the next page. Then I noticed the book was over. 😐 Not sure whose bright idea it was to end it on that note.

Now back to the story. Daisy and Ladybug are really close, but then all of the sudden… Ladybug goes missing! What a cheeky little bug that one is! She goes to meet Basil, the best detective in Plant City. And they are off to look for Ladybug. And of course, we the reader, are off to do that as well!

As you can find him everywhere. Every two pages is a new part of the city, and in every part you have to find the Ladybug. However this isn’t too easy, as there are tons of things that looks similar to him (other bugs) or that are coloured the same way. I have to confess that in the beginning I didn’t search for him, as the story stated our team didn’t find him. I thought this meant he wasn’t on these pages. It isn’t a few pages later that I found Ladybug, while our team still was searching for him. And then I went back to look at the earlier pages and found Ladybug after a bit of searching. So don’t give up when you can’t find him, and also search from the beginning. 😛

Of course there is tons more to do as each page holds several things that our team sees and which we as the reader can also look for. Things like hippos in ferris wheels, or gorillas with runny noses, anything is possible. Sometimes not easy to find, sometimes very easy. I did notice that, due to this being an ecopy, I eventually had a harder time to find as my eyes and head started to hurt.

The pages are delight to look at, you can see all sorts of things (which at times had me laughing as there was something silly or weird going on), and I just adore that the creatures are all coloured in an abundance of colours. From pink to green, anything is possible in this story.
The illustrator definitely did a wonderful job on the illustrations.

All in all, I still would recommend this book, but I do hope that the ending gets fixed. That would make this book even better.

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