Review for Minnie Piper: The Chocolate Cipher

Review for Minnie Piper: The Chocolate Cipher

Egypt, ciphers, chocolate (lots and lots of it), friendship, and more!

This is my first Minnie Piper and I definitely had fun reading it. A lot of it was due to the Egypt theme and the ciphers (I just adore solving them), but there were other elements that kept me reading.

The MC was such a delightful little character. I loved how smart she was, and how dedicated she was to solving those ciphers (and how terrific she was at them). I also loved that, while her brother drove her crazy, she didn’t get angry or pissed off at him, which is something I see happening more and more in books.

I really wish I could have gone to that chocolate factory. Though I would have to ask all the time if I can eat x candy or y candy. What a life our MC has to just be able to eat everything without asking if there was anything in there that was bad.
Plus I loved how the factory was so much like Willy Wonka’s factory. With jungles, pyramids, and more. Thankfully we have the illustrations and the descriptions so we know how it looks. Still I wish I could go there.

A part of the book takes place during school time, but most of the book takes places over the break. We see our MC work hard on the cipher, but also help out at her best friend’s dad place (mmm pizza), go to a museum, and much more. It was all fun, though of course there was also homework (boy, I wish my homework were like that back in the day).

The ending was pretty great, I think it was really sweet of Minnie to do that. Though it was a bit too much, but then again that is just me thinking of all that chocolate.

Frankie however? Eh, I didn’t like her that much. She was just too much of a dramaqueen. If she can keep her best friend to herself, alone, everything was fine, but OH NO HEAVENS FORBID, if Minnie dared to make friends with other people. rolls eyes You can have more than one best friend, Frankie. Maybe you should learn about that before you start complaining. 😐

There is one thing I hated. Why in all that is holy do people give their dogs (and other pets) CHOCOLATE. I get that this is fiction, I get that this isn’t reality. BUT. That still doesn’t mean you give your dog poison. OK? Thanks. 😐 Don’t give the wrong message to kids.

The book is also filled with illustrations, and they are so much fun. The characters are drawn very cutely.

All in all, I want to try the other Minnie Piper books as well. I can’t wait to see what adventures she will have in the next ones.

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