Review for My Good Morning

Review for My Good Morning

It is time to wake up and start the daily morning ritual!

How do you start your day? Do you have a whole ritual before you can go to school? Work? Other things? Well, this little girl, our tiny MC shows us her daily ritual. And also shows us that she is very independent… or well she tries.

I had such a big laugh while reading. Each page shows our girl trying her best to do it all herself from dressing to eating, but you can see that this isn’t exactly going too well. She makes a mess of things, drops things left and right when she doesn’t need them, and many many other things.

And we do see her parents, either trying to help her (as it is taking too long), or making comments, or cleaning up after her while she makes a mess. Poor parents, but I do love that they did let her try out a lot of things.

In the end we see her get to her school/daycare, and even there she wants to be little miss independent.

The art was adorable and cute. I loved how the characters were drawn, and I loved the details in the illustrations. The cover is also an example of that, you can see everything wrong with the girl’s clothes (from socks to coat to shoes), but you can also see a little mouse hole with a mouse.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend to everyone.

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