Review for Romancing the Werewolf

Review for Romancing the Werewolf

Biffy x Lyall are reunited once more!

I was very much excited about this one, I loved Biffy and Lyall together in the Parasol Protectorate books. Even though they weren’t together for long, I was shipping them instantly. They just made the perfect couple. <3

The book features several plots. From babies left on the doorstep to Biffy trying to get the pack together (and his worries about it) to them having to settle in a new place (our pack has finally moved away from the centre of London). There was never a dull moment in this book, every page brought something fun, exciting, or lovely.

I loved seeing Biffy as an Alpha, all the while being as fabulous as ever (though really dude, purple isn’t really the right colour for curtains). He was so worried, but I just knew he didn’t have to worry. He may not be the same kind of Alpha as a lot of others, he is much softer, kinder, and more fabulous. But he is an Alpha, and throughout the book I did see him make some amazing decisions, take the lead, care for his pack, try his best to have everyone settle in right, and much more.

The whole baby on the doorstep was hilarious, though it got even more exciting near the end of it all. I definitely didn’t expect THAT to be the reason of the babies.

We also see a little bit of Lord Akeldama. It was definitely a bit sad when Biffy and he had to separate. Not only due to the move, but also because he has to move on from lost and old loves.

The only thing I found a bit sad was the lack of romance/sexy times. I was really looking forward to lots and lots of romance between between these two. On the one hand I get why these two haven’t seen each other for 2 decades + some odd months. What they had before Lyall had to move was short, and both of them wasn’t sure it was truly something. Not to mention the fact that Lyall wasn’t around when Biffy got to be Alpha (I can just imagine how much it hurt him that his lover wasn’t around during that time).
But even with all that you could see that they loved each other, you could see that they were eager to be together again. I was just shouting at my kindle (and yes, I will also buy the paperback) for them to kiss already. Arghhh, these two!

I loved how the author started with THAT scene from the Parasol Protectorate (gave us a much more intimate view on the situation) and then went 20 years in the future.

All in all, this is one novella that I loved, and I wouldn’t mind more Lyall and Biffy, though this time with all the romance and sexy times! <3 I would highly recommend it.

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