Review for Surprise!

Review for Surprise!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Haha, I suddenly understand why the book was first called ON/OFF. And that Surprise! also fits perfectly. Maybe they could have combined the titles. 😛

This book is about a cute bunny and their surprise birthday party! But, that is not where it stops, it is truly a surprise party as each time that the light goes out and then back on there is a new surprise for our bunny. From a surprise dance party to surprise friends glomping our bunny in the dark. Our bunny has the time of their life.

I am almost thinking of doing such a surprise party myself, as this is just absolutely brilliant. Why surprise someone just once when you can surprise them all the time?

I also love how you can just scroll (as I am reading a digital copy) and see how everything moves. Each page flows easily into the next. I didn’t notice until later on, but when I went back to the first page and then scrolled through it fast I noticed it wasn’t just those later pages, but all of them. So much fun!

The illustrations are simple, but very cute and I quite love the style.

All in all, this book is adorable and cute, I would recommend it. Plus I would also recommend everyone to try out this kind of party in real life!

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