Review for The Ellie McDoodle Diaries: Have Pen, Will Travel

Review for The Ellie McDoodle Diaries: Have Pen, Will Travel

Ellie is going camping with her uncle and aunt and their kids, how bad could a week be?

Well, if you are Ellie Complainelly then it is a terrible terrible terrible week. Yep. My first Boekenfestijn boek and it isn’t a good one. I liked Ellie in the first pages, but then her complaining hit off and well, I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I would if Ellie would have stopped whining/complaining/acting all superior in time. Not at the end of the book. Because by then I was just already so over her attitude.

I get that going out with family is poopy, but do you need to treat them like this? Even drawing one of them as a monster? Even calling them names? She constantly was being a grump towards them, no matter what they tried or did. Oh no, I can’t have my favourite food, oh no I have to sleep with those annoying nephews/nieces, oh no I have to go to a fun museum, oh no insert something else.

I did like it when she met that boy, though I wish that was expanded a bit more. Those parts were like a breath of fresh air to me, finally something good, and we finally saw an Ellie I quite liked. I also would have loved to see what happened when she got home. Did she call him? Was it the right number? Where they close to each other? Or did they live very far apart?

I also don’t get why she took her journal with her EVERYWHERE. Swimming, Check. Catching frogs, Check. Playing games with family, Check. Sure, not to the shower, but I think if she could have done that she would have. I get that she doesn’t want to leave it behind, but really, I just found it terribly rude that she kept drawing all the time.

I didn’t approve of her aunt reading the journal. Really, you find your son reading it, and then continue reading it as well? Wow, good example you are setting there. I do so hope that when I have a daughter/niece that I respect her privacy and not read her stuff if she doesn’t want me to. sighs

Of course it magically set ground to a nice chat between them, which instead of making me go awww, made me go urgh, as I still wasn’t approving of her reading the journal.

What did I like? Well, when we finally saw Eric instead of the dumb monster, the art was really nice and terrific (I do love a cartoony style + I love how well Ellie (or the illustrator) could draw animals), I liked seeing the camping adventures (minus all the poopy attitude, just ignore those and it is a really fun trip). The games were pretty OK too, though some were a bit weird. 😛 So I am rating this book 2 stars because there were still elements I did enjoy.

And I will also be reading the second book in the hopes that it gets better. I do hope that Ellie has learned from this adventure. Don’t judge too much, give people a chance, less superiority is nice, and if you need help/feel unhappy talk to someone.

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