Review for The World Of Urban Decay 2

Review for The World Of Urban Decay 2

I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.

I am still not sure how Edelweiss works, but imagine my delight when I saw they also had Read Now books that one can just download. And that this book was on there! I have been meaning to get/read books by this photographer for some time now.

This was just as good as I had hoped! And just as beautiful! I just adore photographs of abandoned buildings, especially hospitals are my favourite (they are always so haunting to see, everything abandoned, everything falling apart).

This book features a whole bunch of buildings, from hospitals to hotels to schools. I love the diversity and not only in photographs but also in the places. We go from my country to Germany to all over Europe. I just loved it. Though it was very much fun to see some photographs of abandoned buildings from my own country.

It is always so interesting to see how in some places everything is just like it was on a normal (work) day. Like these people will be coming back to work/eat/sleep soon again. For instance with one of the hospital photographs all the paperwork and everything was just lying around. Waiting for people to use them, check them, etc. I do wonder why everything was so hurriedly abandoned. I can imagine it happening at a site of a disaster (Chernobyl for instance), but in a normal building without any disasters?

In the end I just didn’t care to read the captions underneath where those photographs were located. They just weren’t that fun to read + distracted a lot from the gorgeousness of the photographs.

All in all, this is a magnificent book and I enjoyed it fully! I would recommend it to everyone.

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