Review for Up, Up and Away

Review for Up, Up and Away

We all know how perfect little girls are made (Sugar, spice, and everything nice (and of course a little something extra)), but how is a planet made?

And we find that out in this book! The ingredients are pretty easy, and everyone has them at home. Don’t forget the BIG BANG, that is very important. But now you have made a planet, what will do you need to do next? Wellllll… you care for it of course! A planet needs a lot of love, care, free space, and more.

I really loved seeing how our MC cared for his planet, tried to get more knowledgeable about him (by getting all the books), and more. He did such a fabulous job. And the planet showed it’s happiness by growing, growing and growing!

I was tearing up when he had to make a big decision about his planet. It is one he had to make, but it still broke my heart. Poor little fellow. But given the ending? I think he is going to be fine. 😛 No, I won’t tell you why I think that, you will have to read the book yourself.

The art is also very adorable and fits this book to a tee. I had lots of fun seeing what the planet was attracting now (when it got the heavy gravity), there were so many little details.

All in all, I loved this book and I would highly recommend it to all. Be warned: Lots of cuteness!

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