Review for Zoe and Chloe: Out to Lunch

Review for Zoe and Chloe: Out to Lunch

The second book in the Zoe and Chloe series and this time our girls are working hard in their vacation so they can go to Newquay.

They need tons of money, not to mention that they need to find a way to stay anywhere (almost everything doesn’t allow under-18s alone). Of course, the girls are way too late with finding a job so they have to hope that they find something. A bit of the book is them finding a job. Zoe finds one thanks to Oliver (her romantic interest) while Chloe also finds a job. It is the cause of some stress between the two as Zoe of course wants to work with Oliver, and also keep Chloe away from a Beastly boy, while Chloe wants easy jobs and money. 😛

The farm it is as Chloe finds a hot new boy toy to enjoy, namely Brendan. The farm parts were hilarious as the girls find out that working at the farm isn’t all fun and play. Polytunnels, weeding, rain. The girls work hard for their money and I was amazed at that they kept it going. Yes, they were kind of doing it for ulterior motives (Oliver and Brendan), but I also could see, at least with Zoe, that she knew what responsibility was. She signed up for this job, and she is going to complete it! Go girl!

I have to say I was more invested in the romance between Brendan and Chloe than Zoe and Oliver. Sorry, I just don’t get what Zoe sees in Oliver. It is clear he is a flake, a liar, and he has no interest in Zoe. But Zoe is truly blinded by love. Though I was happy to see that she slowly could see through the pink-tinted glasses and see that maybe Oliver wasn’t the boy to be. Brendan was a fun character, though I was pissed at what happened later. kicks Brendan

Plus I was slightly creeped out at Zoe’s obsession with Oliver. Until this book it was a bit too much, but I didn’t mind it so much as it was kind of cute, but in this book… she wanted to erect a shrine where the guy peed in the bushes… What? Eww.

Later on something else happens, and I was rooting for a couple I didn’t think I would ever root for, but now I want them together! Harry x Zoe! They are so adorable together, and I hope that in the next book Zoe is able to talk/confess to Harry and kiss and do other fun couple things. Though I guess the next book will also be about Chloe and her feelings regarding her best friend being in love with Harry.

I copied this one from my first book review as I think it still applies: Chloe was a pretty fun girl, though at times I wished she would be a bit kinder towards her best friend. Zoe does a lot for Chloe, but it seems that Chloe just doesn’t see that. But at least they were able to talk about it, and I did like their friendship. I think these two will be friends for a very long time.

Newquay was a lot of fun to read about. I never heard of the place before, but looking at pictures online I can imagine that people want to go there for a holiday. It seems like a gorgeous place (provided it is sunny though). It was fun to see what Zoe and Chloe were up to, though I am sad that they were so distant. Then there was the sister, I hadn’t expected that, thank heavens that x was there to help out with things.

The sister? Sorry, but how did this girl manage to live to this age? In the previous book she had debts, she pulled her sister in to get her to find money. In this one she is dating someone who is MARRIED. And wants her sister to lie for her. sighs I hated how the mom never thought that maybe her perfect older daughter was not doing so well in life. Instead the mom idolises the older sister, and the younger sister gets all the crap (good parenting right there :|).

I just wonder what the title has to do with the book.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I will be reading the next (and seemingly last) book soon!

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