Waiting on Wednesday ~ Have Sword, Will Travel

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Have Sword, Will Travel


It is Wednesday! Time for a new Waiting on Wednesday. And for this week I got a talking sword, a quest, fantasy. I am a bit worried about the talking sword. Talking animals and talking objects can go two ways. Annoying or funny. I am hoping that this sword and his attitude are funny. I am curious about the boy and girl as well. We have one (boy) who doesn’t really seem to want to be a knight, and one (girl) who wants to be a knight. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Plus I highly curious about their journey, what kind of creatures will they encounter? What adventures will they have?

I just read the first 2 sentences, and I laughed out loud. Here it is: “Odo and Eleanor did not set out to find their destiny. At best, they were hoping for eels.”

When Odo and Eleanor stumble upon an ancient sword in a river outside their village, something very unexpected happens… the sword starts to talk! Much to Odo’s dismay he discovers that he’s awoken a famous enchanted blade called Biter, and thus has instantly become a knight. Eleanor would love to become a knight – but she’s not the one with the sword. Unearthing Biter is only the start of their troubles; soon boy, girl and sword must depart on a noble quest to save their kingdom from threats – in both human and dragon form.

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