Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Heat is On

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Heat is On


It is Wednesday! And I am really excited! Tomorrow it is time for Boekenfestijn, and this time one very close to me, thank you Boekenfestijn for adding a new location! squee

But back to Waiting on Wednesday, for today’s WoW I got a book that won’t be released until next year (February to be exact). But it is a book I really, really, really x many more really’s want. It is the second book in the Next Best Junior Chef, and the heat is definitely on as the competition continues. I really want to see what our characters will make, bake, cook. What will they learn? And most important, who is going to be out of the competition and who will go to the next round? Will we have cheating? Will rules be broken? Argh, is it February already? Please?

Plus, I am loving that cover. 💕

The competition heats up in episode two of this zesty series for fans of MasterChef Jr. and Kids Cook-off! With this episode’s theme of family and tradition, from a diner challenge to a quinceañera to the farmer’s market, the junior chefs will have to sauté their way through the chewiest challenges yet. They’re the best in the nation, but can they handle the twists and turnovers week two has in store, on- and off-camera? Which junior chefs can stand the heat? And which one will need to get out of the kitchen?
We are one episode closer to discovering just who will earn the title of Next Best Junior Chef.
Bonus: Includes real cooking techniques for the aspiring young chef!

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