Library Haul 12-12-2017

Library Haul 12-12-2017

Hiya everyone!

Today I went to Library #4 again, I finished with all my books (well, OK, except one which I still am planning to read soon) and wanted some new ones. It was quite an adventure to get to the library though, as the past 2 days were filled with snow. The roads are either white with snow, or grey with ice/slippery stuff. Only the big main roads are cleared, so I decided to just walk to the library instead of going on my bicycle. Which is about 20 minutes on a normal day, but with the snow (or well, ice) it took a bit longer. I eventually settled on staying on the bicycle parts of the roads as the sidewalks were all slip-slide-deathtraps. 😐

But I got to the library (slip slip sliiiiddde), and quickly found the 3 books I had seen in their online catalogue in the new releases part. And not much longer after that I found another 3 books, and then later I was about to leave but spotted a book I wanted to re-read (Sylvia Witteman). So it was a great haul. Seven new books to read. Squee!

Stats: 7 books. 6 Fiction, 1 Non-Fiction.

Staatsieportret van een stofzuiger by Syvlia Witteman
Spookschrijvers by Henk Hardeman
Niemands meisje by Lydia Rood
De eliminatie by Daniëlle Bakhuis
Juf gaat trouwen by Elisabeth Mollema, Gertie Jaquet
Stelletje apenkoppen! by Selma Noort, Annet Schaap
Baas pindakaas! by Marly van Otterloo, Ivan & Ilia

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