Library Haul 21-12-2017

Library Haul 21-12-2017


Surprise, surprise, yes, it isn’t Saturday, but I just had to go to Library #2 today as I am not going to be able to visit it coming Saturday. Saturday is going to be a busy, but fun day in Belgium! Yep, my boyfriend and I are going to that huge shopping mall again. I loved it last year when it was all decorated for Christmas and I just need to see it again!

Thankfully, I have the coming days off, so I could hop on my bicycle and go to Library #2. Plus I needed to be at the shopping mall close by Library #2 anyway to get my last Christmas present.

My reservations were still on transport, but I kept hoping they would be there when I got there, or while I was browsing. Sadly, that didn’t happen. What did happen though was that, after I searched for some other books, I went on a search for that one book that has been on “transport” for 2 weeks. I just knew that it was bound to be in the library somewhere, this is not the first time that happened (still don’t get how people would just blindly put a book on a shelf, without checking if it is from their library). I walked through the English section, first making sure it wasn’t placed on the top shelves (for newer books), and then went to the right place where the author should be located. And lo and behold, there was my book. Just standing there. I checked the inside, and it indeed said it was from the other library.

So I went to the front desk, to the librarian there, and showed her the book, showed her the app with it as my reservation, and she went to fix it so I could borrow it. And then we chatted, and she told me that my books (that were still on transport) should be in soon, the guy delivering them was about to arrive. She told me that it would take about an hour for them to check/shelf/etc. and then I could pick them up. I was happy, as I had plans to otherwise come back tomorrow (as I have to be near the library anyway to get tons of Christmas food and more). So I checked out the books I had, and went off to do grocery shopping, gift shopping, and just wandering around while waiting for a mail to arrive that the reservations were there.

After about an hour I got a mail, and I went back to the library. Sadly, I hadn’t seen that another book was also on transport, so when I got home I got yet another mail about a reservation waiting for me… Oh well, I guess that one will have to wait until next week. 😛

Phew, the post got quite long! Long story short, I got a ton of new books! Plus one Christmas cooking book that I was just hoping to get before Christmas (because I am the kind of girl who prefers reading seasonal books in the seasons they are meant to be in).

Stats: 13 new books. 5 non-fiction, 2 comics, 6 fiction.

Het supergeheime project by Thea Stilton
Gekke wijven en andere types by Sylvia Witteman
The Pest in the Nest by Julian Gough, Jim Field
De troost van een warm visje by Sylvia Witteman
The One by John Marrs
Sara en Liv by Suzan Hilhorst
Hotel kindervreugd by Janneke Schotveld, Annet Schaap
Waarom verdrinken vissen niet? by Anna Claybourne
Heel Holland Bakt: Kerst by Heel Holland Bakt
Jong Geweld 1 by Philippe Bercovici, Noblet
Kale Kop 3 by Zidrou, Serge Ernst
Stoute Ikke by Ilona Lammertjink, Els Vermeltfoort
Vogels op reis by Fleur Daugey, Sandrine Thommen

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