Library Haul 22-12-2017 (Library #2 again!)

Library Haul 22-12-2017 (Library #2 again!)

Hi everyone,

As you can see, yes, I went to Library #2 again! I already had 1 reservation waiting for me, but today it was joined by 4 others, so I just couldn’t leave those all alone during the Christmas days. Luckily, I had to visit the big grocery store that is located in the shopping mall near Library #2, so I could just swing by the library and grab my books!

And yes, I got 13 books yesterday, but I had some time yesterday evening to read (my boyfriend was off to a party), so I finished 4 books! Yay! I had all the room for my reservations + one more book.

So I am keeping this one short, be sure to read/see my haul from yesterday. Click here for the post.

Stats: 6 books. 3 Non-fiction, 2 comics, 1 fiction.

This brings my total of books up to 15 again! Guess what I will be doing during Christmas (other than eating, having a good time, relaxing)?

Waar komt suikerspin vandaan? by INL, Genootschap Onze Taal
Kale Kop 4 by Zidrou, Serge Ernst
Julie, Klaartje, Cecile 19 by Sidney, Bom
Jaap won een prijs by Imme Dros, Harrie Geelen
Stil Holland by Frans Lemmens
Into Africa by Frans Lanting

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