Library Haul 27-12-2017

Library Haul 27-12-2017


I just couldn’t resist going to library today, I had absolutely no plans AT ALL to visit one today, the earliest I wanted to go to a library was tomorrow (Library #1), and then go to this one on Friday. But then I checked their new releases page and I spotted several books I just had to have! Several I had been waiting for. So instead of staying at home and recovering from a very fun, full, happy Christmas Days I hopped on my bicycle and went over to Library #4.

I was a bit early, so I had to wait for the library to open, and then I rushed over to find all those new books. I quickly found the 5 books that I wanted, and then went on a search to find 3 more. I found one YA book that I tried reading in English, but I didn’t like, so I am hoping I will like it more in Dutch (Lisa Williamson’s book), and then I found 2 Children’s books that seemed really fun to read (one is about football/soccer, the other is about a teacher who is leaving).

It was a great haul, I am really glad I dragged my tired butt over to the Library!

Stats: 8 books. All of them fiction!

Safari te paard by Joke Reijnders, Britt Dekkers
Izzy Love: Expeditie Vriendschap by Manon Sikkel
Koning Eddie en het machtige monster by Andy Riley
Onderschept by Gerard van Gemert, Rick Meijer
Wie is nou normaal? by Lisa Williamson
Strandvoetbal by Gerard van Gemert, Mark Janssen
Het goede leven van Hondje: de enige echte by Yvonne Jagtenberg
Het dierenlied voor meester Frank by Marco Kunst, Christoph Kirsch

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